This is the area where you can interact with others. We are using the WordPress plugins, bbPress and BuddyPress. There are three main pages: Members, Activity and Forums. We are still working on the presentation of the pages, and working out how to use the various features. Feedback and suggestions are welcome.



Once you register with the site, your profile will be visible on this Members page



This is where you can register as a member with the website in order  to use the interactive features.

You will be asked to provide a username and your email address under Account Details and your name and some biographical information under Profile Details. Both your username and Profile name will be visible on the website. The username needs to be unique and cannot be changed. We recommend that you do not use your email address for your username, and  suggest simply using your name without any spaces.

We are still working on the presentation of these interactive parts of the website.


Forum/topics (bbPress)

This page is a space to discuss issues. Discussion is organised by topics, and it will hopefully provide another resource produce by website members themselves.


Activity Stream (BuddyPress)

This is offers a facility similar to  a limited form of Twitter and Facebook. You can publish your own posts, and there are options to allow comments.


News and Views

This is a separate area where we post news items and  members can post articles.