Our next SRN Discussion and Support Group meeting is on Tuesday 12th July at 17.30-19.00.

This is a space for people with lived experience of mental distress to discuss survivor research concepts and texts and the issues and barriers we face in getting involved in doing mental health research for ourselves.

The meeting is via Zoom and you can register here.

Prompted by recent discussion of  the article reporting on quantitative research for the ENRICH Study on peer support for people being discharged from inpatient  mental health care, we are aiming to focus on two areas for discussion in this meeting:

  • sharing experiences, challenges and opportunities of lived experience/survivor involvement  in large research projects
  • what kinds of new research are needed for peer support

We  also allocate  time to bring individual research related support needs to these meetings.

Survivor researchers from outside England or UK are welcome to register and attend.