‘Negotiating the swamp’: Struggles and ways forward in navigating our identities as experts ‘with’ experience in academic research contexts.

“An online dialogue with Dina Poursanidou, Veenu Gupta and Helen Spandler – 14.00 – 15.30 BST, Tuesday 5 April.

“Dina and Veenu will reflect on being experts ‘with’ experience in UK academic research contexts, and on negotiating and navigating these roles that embody both personal and professional identities. Dina and Veenu will ask Helen to share, from their own academic position, their experience of working with experts ‘with’ experience in academia, and their own difficulties and struggles in understanding and supporting these individuals. Together they want to explore ways to make the landscape better for experts ‘with’ experience.”

Dina Poursanidou – Mental health service user researcher, member of the Asylum Magazine editorial group
Veenu Gupta – PhD student, lived experience researcher
Helen Spandler – Professor of mental health, editor of Asylum Magazine

Further information and registration here.