Co-production and decolonisation through the lenses of people, power and process

The presentation by Jacqui Lovell, SRN CIC Director, at our August Discussion and Support Group meeting is now available in video form, together with the slides used.

This presentation was entitled ‘Co-production and decolonization through the lenses of ‘people, power and process’ in survivor research, and contents include:

SRN Manifesto
Us and Them a false dichotomy
Definition of coproduction
People, power and process in research
An example of Eurocentricity in mental wellbeing and mental ‘health’ research
What you look for is what you find
Eurocentricity in mental well being
Epistemic injustice and 2 types of coproduction
A potential third way: Decolonialism, Feminism and Revolutionary Ubuntu

You can view the video on our YouTube channel here.

video still of Jacqui Lovell speaking






The slides can be downloaded as a Powerpoint presentation here.


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