Critical Perspective Mental Health Conference 2022

This year’s hybrid conference is on 16 and 17 November 2022 entitled “Critical Perspectives on the Lived Experience of Distress and Mental Health Services”

“Lived experience of distress and mental health services is increasingly identified as significant in shaping better understandings and responses to human suffering. Lived experience informs research, activism, service development, and, to a certain extent, policy, and education. However, concerns are also expressed that lived experience is not recognised as expert knowledge. This year’s conference provides opportunities to honour the contributions of lived experience to changing knowledge, attitudes, and practices in mental health and to address some of the challenges in recognising the value of lived experience. This conference will consider:

what do we understand by lived experience?
what do we know about the contribution of lived experience in mental health matters?
the diversity of lived experience
issues of credibility and representation
whose interests are served by and through lived experience?
how do we create environments to honour, and nurture lived experience?”

Speakers include Rai Waddingham, Dina Poursanidou, Raza Griffiths and Liz Brosnan.

It’s an in person conference with the keynote presentations also available online with registration and further information  here.


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