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Routledge International Handbook of Mad Studies

New collection edited By Peter Beresford and Jasna Russo. "By drawing broadly on international thinking and experience, this book offers a critical exploration of Mad Studies and advances its theory...

Ambivalence in accounts of involuntary hospitalisation

The price of ‘safety’? Ambivalence in mental health service user interview accounts of involuntary hospitalisation (‘sectioning’) in England SRN director, Dr Dina Poursanidou, delivered a joint...

photo of Sonia Thompson on right with details of workshop on left, which are repeated in the text.

Race, Racism and Mental Health Seminar

 A recording is now available for this 15 February workshop with SRN director, Sonia Thompson: Race, Racism, and Mental Health: Messages from the...
Photo of Dina Poursanidou on right with worksop details on left which are repeated in text.

Ethical, political and methodological struggles in doing survivor research

A recording is now available of this 15 March workshop with Konstantina Poursanidou PhD -  'Can you help me get out?: Ethical, Political &...
Photograph of Dina Poursanidou with details repeated in text

Polarised mental health politics and the struggle for ambivalence

A recording is now available of of this 22 March workshop with Konstantina Poursanidou PhD  -  "And the Activists tell us that Meds are Evil:...

Discussion and Support Group – 16 December

Discussion and Support Group for Survivor Researchers Introductory meeting - 17.00 Wednesday 16 December of new A space for people with lived...