Social Inequalities and Justice – Social Power and Mental Health conference

CRASSH | Social Power and Mental Health, online conference held in April 2021 Session 3: Social Inequalities and Justice. Speakers: Rianna Walcott, Peter Beresford, Helen Spandler, Dorothy Gould

The conference information stated that the conference “… brings together people with lived experience of mental distress and researchers, with the aim of starting conversations between these two groups of experts. We also recognise that many people belong in both groups.

Our theme is the link between social power and mental health. Disempowered social groups are at an increased risk of mental distress. They are more likely to face difficult economic, social and environmental conditions. Gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability and social class intersect with these. What are the latest research findings on these topics? How do they compare with lived experiences? When might research worsen mental distress? What kinds of methods can produce empowerment?

In this session we examine these questions in relation to race, sexuality and contemporary politics.”

Chair: Ann Galpin

Rianna Walcott – On Mental Health Support Access and Treatment Outcomes for Black Patients

Peter Beresford – Challenging the Psychiatrisation of Politics and the Politics of Psychiatry

Helen Spandler – Restorative Justice: A Radical Approach to Mental Health Reform?

Dorothy Gould – We Want Power Too: Perspectives from Service Users and Survivors from LGBTQ+ Communities

Other sessions, including a keynote speech by Rai Waddingham, can be found on the Social Power and Mental Health Conference YouTube channel


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