Crafting Contention through MadZines

Title slide for presentation with thumbnail drawings of two people and a dog reading a MadZines, and the presenters, all on pale grey background

Crafting Contention through MadZines – recording of the presentation at our April 2022 Discussion and Support Group

H.Spandler gave an overview of the MadZines project, a 3 year research project exploring the role of zines in ‘crafting contention’ about mental health, madness and distress funded by Wellcome. Prof H.Spandler is the Principal Investigator on the MadZines project.

Tamsin Walker, a PhD candidate working on the MadZines project, then talked about her doctoral research about survivors experience of making and sharing zines.

You can find out more about their work on their WebsiteYouTube, Instagram and Twitter @zinesmad



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